Cloud4Wi 5.4.0 - Release Note

New Stuff
  • Analytics Export: it is now possible to export the analytics data in Excel format!
  • Splash Portal Models: a new simple way to create a Splash Portal has been introduced. It is now possible to choose among a set of pre-styled and optimized portal’s models, customizable only in few parts. 
  • Splash Metro Model: a completely new concept of Splash Portal, based on the Metro style has been introduced as a model.
  • VK social Login: introduced the social login with VK (VKontakte).
  • App personalization: it is now possible to customize the icon and the label of all the Apps published on the app bar of the Splash Portal.
  • Trigger mode support: some applications now can be pushed to the user according to some events (such as opening the Splash Portal, sign-in, sign-up, sign-out) for a better user engagement.
  • ADV Pro Custom Page and AdSense: it is now possible to create a custom Splash ADV experience by uploading a fully customizable HTML page.
    Moreover, there is now also the possibility to link the Splash ADV campaign to an AdSense account.
    The set of events that can trigger a full page advertising (opening the splash portal, sign-in, sign-up, sign-out) has now been extended..


  • New Cloud4Wi login page: new design for the Cloud4Wi login page, for an easier white labeling.
  • New Marketplace page: new look and filtering capabilities in the Marketplace page.
  • Login Box customizations: it is now possible to customize the Login Box that is published into the Splash Portal in terms of labels and look.
  • Simplified social network ID lookup: creating a social feed content is now simpler. You just need to copy the URL of the social network page and the ID is automatically detected.
  • New Net coupon: new look and improved usability; also available in a pre-authentication mode.
  • Several UI and UX improvements
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