Getting the "Like ID" of a Facebook page

[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]
The Facebook: Like ID is a unique code Facebook uses to identify each page.
Each "Facebook" page has its own Like ID, and this article will show how to get a Like ID of a "Facebook" page starting from the "Facebook" page URL.
In our case we are going to get the Facebook ID for the page at
A good trick to do this, may be opening the Control Panel and going to the page where it is possible to create a new Facebook content block: in fact this page contains a simple tool where we can submit a Facebook page URL and, as a result of this action, get the "Like ID" of that page.
Please note that in this article we are just going to get a "Like ID" value, and we will not create any content block.

So, we have to click the Splash Portals button in the quick access toolbar, then click the Contents button in the command toolbar of the page and finally click the Create New button again on the command toolbar of the page (this procedure is also described in: Customizing the Splash Portal defining content blocks).

After entering "Facebook" as Type of content block, a tab containing Splash Portal languages is shown.
For our purpose it is not really important which language we are going to select. We can select any language of this tab, and then click the Get Social ID button shown in the picture below.
Then a modal window is displayed: here it is possible to enter the full Facebook profile URL and get the required ID. As a result of a valid Facebook page URL, the window will return the corresponding Facebook Like ID (in our case, it is "64867631703").

We achieved our goal and so you can go out from this page... unless you really want to create a new "Facebook" content block!
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