Cloud4Wi 5.6.0 - Release Note


New Stuff

  • New App Architecture: Cloud4Wi revolutionized today the WiFi the architecture of Marketplace's software by delivering more flexibility, reliability and will be launching soon the Open SDK to allow anyone to get the best form their WiFi networks.
  • 802.1X support: Cloud4Wi supports now user authentication through 802.1X. When you create a WiFi Area you can decide to configure it with the standard Splash Portal based access, 802.1X or a hybrid approach (802.1X plus redirect on the Splash Portal).
  • User management APIs: a first set of APIs to manage end-users directly from third party components and software have been released. Now, you will be able to easily integrate Cloud4Wi with your own processes, from CRM up to external email marketing tools.
    More APIs will come in the following releases.
  • Social Analytics: Cloud4Wi's social analytics section is ready. After gathering all the data from your customer, through the social login, you will be able to analyze the trends and aggregated data in a simplified dashboard: who your users are, where are they comming from, which demographic do they represent, which is your social exposure, and so on.
  • External Splash Portal - fully working: the Splash Portal has come out from the WiFi and can now live everywhere on the web. By creating a Splash Portal URL alias, accessible anywhere from the web, you can allow end-users to sign-up, sign-in, use the applications and manage their profile directly from the web, without the need of being connected to a WiFi Hotspot. Venues can now consider the Splash Portal as the extension of the location based WiFi experience into the web.



  • Facebook post frequency settings: the Facebook post policies have been changed. Now end-users are free to choose if posting the message or not. The system allows also to limit the frequency of these requests, decide how many time they are prompted to the users when they sign-in
  • New languages: new languages have been introduced and other have been improved thanks to the support of the Cloud4Wi partner network.
  • Splash Portal Models: new Splash Portal models have been introduced and some other have been improved and simplified in the management section
  • General UI and UX improvements on the Control Panel.


Problems solved

  • Mobile number mandatory in registration form: the mobile number field has been removed from the sign-up form. To be activated it has to be selected on the proper configuration section.
  • IOS 7 notification: the pop-up which notifies to the user on an IOS7 to disable the auto-login function has been simplified and made clearer.
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