Cloud4Wi 5.9.2 - Release Note


Check out what’s new. We improved some marketing apps and released a brand new tool. Let us know what you think, or report a bug (from here) through our Support Center anytime.


What’s new

Social Marketing App [Pre-Release]

  • We are happy to announce the availability of a completely brand new and powerful app to boost the benefits of using the Social Network and Wi-Fi Hotspot together.

    The new App introduces several functionalities, on top of the existing capabilities, and changes the behavior of some existing capabilities.

    The new app works slightly differently in respect to the existing social marketing facilities. It introduces more powerful features and data management, so there can be particular configurations that cannot be mapped properly.

    To help you keep your existing strategy, we decided to give you a preview of the app configuration in the control panel, so you can check your configuration and settings before we migrate everything to the new app. Cloud4Wi automatically migrates most of your existing configurations to the new app, applying a one-to-one mapping where possible.

    Check here for the MIGRATION GUIDE.

    Find here the Full User Guide


Email Marketing enhancement

  • New application design and improved usability
  • Decoupled the task of creating new email template from the campaign management
  • Introduces campaign reporting to check read emails
  • Improved design and usability
  • Simplified configuration of SMTP settings, pre-loaded with the most common SMTP providers


Proximity Marketing enhancement

  • Introduce the possibility to import email templates built on the Email Marketing app
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