Social Marketing – Migration Guide


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated]

Dear customer, we are happy to announce the availability of a completely brand new and powerful app to boost the benefits of using the Social Network and Wi-Fi Hotspot together!

The new App introduces several functionalities, on top of the existing capabilities, and changes the behavior of some existing capabilities.

With the release of Social Marketing, the current configuration of the social marketing facilities will change and disappear from the Access Template configuration, but will be moved inside the new app.

The new app works slightly differently in respect to the previous one. It introduces more powerful features and data management, so there can be particular configurations that cannot be mapped properly.

To help you keep your existing strategy, we decided to give you a preview of the app configuration in the control panel, so you can check your configuration and settings before we migrate everything to the new app. Cloud4Wi automatically migrates most of your existing configurations to the new app, applying a one-to-one mapping where possible.

We suggest looking at the new app in the My Apps section of the control panel and checking if the configuration is the desired one.

Cloud4Wi will migrate all the existing configurations to the Social Marketing app on January 15th, and all the settings you currently have in the related section of the Access Template will be removed.

Below, these notes explain the main changes to pay attention to. For a complete description, please refer to the full user guide here.

  • Settings
    This is the most important section to check. On the “Multilevel control” section, it is possible to configure the management level (Tenant or WiFi Area) of each single functionality.
    With the new app, delegation is managed by section and by tools, to simplify the multi-level management.
    In the case that one section is delegated to the WiFi Area, it will disappear from the Tenant management interface. The Tenant configures which tool will be needed to enter each WiFi Area control panel to configure the delegated section of the app.
    The section “Your Social Network” will be empty on the first log in, since it’s a new functionality that allows activation of the two new tools “Updates” and Feeds”. Check here for a full description.
  • Access posts 
    This section will contain the migrated content to be posted on the social page of the user when they login.
    In the Social Marketing app, it is now possible to configure original content that will be the same for all social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
    To check the migration, it is necessary to verify in sections “Settings” and “Post content”. The section “Scheduling” refers to a new feature and will be empty on the first usage.

  • Tools 
    This section will contain the migrated options from the ‘Facebook Like’ functionality. The section relates to Twitter and Google+, but will be empty since they are new functionalities.


Particular situations

Here are situations to pay more attention to:

  • If before the migration, there was different content in the access post for the different social networks. Then the old configuration will not be maintained since the Social Marketing app uses shared content for all social networks.
  • In the case that before the migration, there was some specific configurations delegated to the WiFi Area level. The new app adopts a delegation approach in block, making it necessary to check and eventually make appropriate changes.
  • If there are multiple access templates on the CLoud4Wi account, we suggest checking the configuration of the new Social Marketing app.


Walled garden

The Social Marketing app introduces the support of Google +1. To work properly, you must add the following domain to the walled garden in the access device configuration:

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