Cloud4Wi 5.9.0 - Release Note


Check out what’s new. Improvements and fixed issues for this version of Cloud4Wi are listed below. Let us know what you think, or report a bug (from here) through our Support Center anytime.


What’s new

  • More fields are supported by Click-Through
    Click-Through access option now supports the following user data inputs: First name, Last name, Gender, Email address and Mobile phone number. More fields will be added in future releases.

  • The design and usability of the Click-Through authentication box has been improved
    A direct input validation has been added for a better user experience. In case of additional user fields, they are prompted on a second screen within the terms, conditions and marketing clauses.

  • Implicit acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in Click-Through
    It is now possible to configure the click-through with an implicit acceptance of clauses in order to provide a simplified sign-up process. By clicking the Click Through button, the user accepts the statements implicitly.

  • Marketing clause with Click-Through
    Since the Click-Through access option now supports additional user fields, the marketing clause checkbox has also been introduced for this access option. Please note that each time the Splash Portal asks for new fields (in case the Tenant or WiFi Area add new fields in the Additional fields input in the Access Template), the end-user is asked again to agree to the marketing policy. The marketing policy is optional, in any case.

  • Opt-in and Opt-out marketing clauses
    Through the Control Panel it is now possible to set the marketing clause in the login box to be in opt-in mode (the user states he wants to receive marketing communications) or opt-out mode (the user has to explicitly state that he does NOT want to receive marketing communications).

  • Simplified country code selection in the mobile phone input
    The usability of the the mobile phone input has been improved by adding a drop-down menu with the flags’ icons to select the country code.

  • Customization of button color in the Splash Portal
    It is now possible to change the color of buttons in the Settings of all Splash Portals (except Metro-based ones).

  • Time zone at MSP level
    An MSP level system user is now able to change its time zone through the "My profile" page.

  • Welcome email on Sign-Up
    Now, from the Access Template,You can disable sending a welcome email after sign-up. Please keep in mind that the content of the email can be customized in the Communications section of the Control Panel.

  • Welcome notification box on the landing page
    Now, from the Access Template, You can disable the welcome notification box that appears after the successful authentication on the landing page.


Bug Fixing

  • List of Service Profiles available for a WiFi Area
    Now the Service Profiles that don't require a PIN are displayed correctly.

  • Default international prefix
    Now if the end-user does not provide any country code, then Cloud4Wi inserts the default prefix indicated in international Settings.

  • Terms & Conditions with the parametric data of the company
    In the Terms & Conditions text of the Splash Portal, you can now read the actual data of the Tenant or WiFi Area (depending on the lock for the "Terms & Conditions text" option in the Access Template configuration).

  • Login countdown in the welcome box for an "Expiration" service profile
    The countdown value has been corrected.
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