Cloud4Wi 5.9.4 - Software Change


Software Changes

  • Choose if Opt-in marketing clause is checked by default or not
    There is new option in Access Template that allows you to choose if Marketing clause is checked or not by default. This option is visible only if the marketing clause is "Opt-in".
    This option allows our platform to be compliant with the Law of some countries.

  • Validation of the international prefix
    Now the international prefix in the International Settings must start with "+" and end with a number, and cannot be empty.

  • Decimal mark in the Advanced Statistics
    In the Advanced Statistics you can see the decimal mark selected in the International Settings. Previously the decimal mark was "," in any case.

Bug Fix

  • Welcome box fixed
    Previously an unwanted symbol appeared in the Splash Portal when the welcome box was shown.

  • Dashboard
    Fixed some incorrect values in some widgets.



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