Cloud4Wi 5.9.3 - Release Note


Check out what’s new. Cloud4Wi’s improvements and fixed issues are listed below. Let us know what you think or report a bug through our Support Center anytime.

 What’s New

  • Social Marketing app release
    The new Social Marketing app has become effective and it replaced the precedent social marketing tools. The Access Template configuration has been updated, and the social login settings have been removed. If you have not verified your settings yet, please review our migration guide.

    Please note that to use the new tools you need to add an additional domain ( in the walled garden.
  • New control panel dashboard
    We are happy to announce the brand new control panel dashboard, which introduces more flexibility and improves the usability of the control panel. You can create your own customized dashboards, add widgets you prefer and organize them in each page.
  • Email validation on sign-up
    We introduce a new validation process to verify the email address provided by end-users during the sign-up process. If activated, users will receive an email after they sign up. They will then have 5 minutes to validate their email address and extend the connection time to the expected duration in the Internet plan.
  • Coupon app improvement
    The Coupon app has become more effective and flexible. We added more fields to the description of the coupon. Each coupon has a unique short URL to be shared with clients through email or SMS. We also released an API for users to check the coupon from external dashboards.
  • Automatic periodic disconnection
    It is now possible to force user sessions to disconnect periodically. The user will be prompted on the captive portal and can easily get connected again. This feature can be used for engagement or promotional purposes.
  • Customizable welcome email on every sign-in
    You can now send an email to end-users every time they sign in to a Wi-Fi hotspot. This feature works with all the sign-in options, including the click-through.
  • iOS8 CNA browser support
    We enhanced the support for CNA browser on iOS8 devices and provided a better end-user experience. Although we support the CNA popup on all devices, the behavior depends on each Wi-Fi vendor implementation, so it is possible that you don’t get the CNA browser with some access points.
  • Marketplace trigger settings
    It is now possible to customize the frequency of app triggers. You could previously set the trigger on an app once per day by default (24 hours after the user opens the browser). Now you can trigger an app on each attempt, which is useful for promotional purposes.
  • Multi-radio support for Aerohive AP
    Previously, each radio on Aerohive APs had to be configured as separate hotspots: resulting in 2 licenses per access point. We introduce a fix, which makes it possible to insert a single Cloud4Wi hotspot (consuming only one license) for both radios (2.4 GHz and 5GHz).
  • Export of tenant account at MSP level
    It is now possible to export the data of all the tenant accounts, including the basic data, from the MSP account.

 Bug Fixing

  • International decimal mark
    The decimal digit mark can now be configured in the international settings.
  • Social login validation 
    The bug that affected the validation process in social login has been fixed.
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