Receive or refresh your API credentials through the Control Panel


You can manage your API data by using the "Cloud4Wi API" application. You can start the application by clicking on the Marketplace button in the quick access toolbar and then finding the "Cloud4Wi API" application on the Marketplace.

Please note that in order to interact with the Cloud4Wi REST APIs, it is necessary to have an "API key" / "API Secret" pair.
The API key identifies a Tenant. Please keep in mind that this detail cannot be changed. The API secret is a secret shared between Cloud4Wi and your application, and for this reason it must not be public in any case. This detail can be updated at a later time, as explained in the paragraph "Refreshing your API secret".


Getting your API secret for the first time

If you are starting the application for the first time, then you have your API key but you need to create your API secret.
You will not be able to change your API key. You can, however, change your API secret at any time, as explained in the next paragraph.

In order to get your API secret for the first time you have to click the  button on the "Cloud4Wi API" application and then accept terms of use for the service.


Refreshing your API secret

You can refresh your API secret at any time, by clicking on the Renew API Secret button in the "Cloud4Wi API" application, in the Marketplace.


Next step

Once your API secret is enabled, you can access the documentation environment and learn more about API endpoints and calls.
See the following article for details on this: How to use the API documentation environment.

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