Cloud4Wi 5.9.6 - Release Note


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 Software Changes

  • Optional pre-checked clauses
    We introduced an option to decide if the checkbox "I agree to terms and conditions" is automatically checked on the splash portal sign-up form. Having this checkbox automatically enabled can be more comfortable to some customers, but we found that this is expressly forbidden for the law of some countries (Germany).

  • Multiple System Users at the MSP level
    The MSP level supports set up of multiple System Users now.
  • System User roles
    We introduced the possibility to assign a specific role to a new System User. The role defines the control Panel sections that the System User is allowed to see or not. The roles at the moment are fixed and cannot be changed.
    Currently the following roles are available. Please check which sections can be accesses from all the types of system user.
    • Full: full access over all the sections (the "classic" system user)
    • Analysis: Analytics only
    • Applications: Apps only
    • Provisioning: Dashboard, Users, WiFi Area, Splash Portal, Internet, Setting, Monitor
    • Marketing: Dashboard, Analytics, Apps, Splash Portal
  • SMS validation on Click-Through mode
    The code validation process has been added to the Click-Through mode. So, in a similar way to the classical "User Account" mode, the end-user has to insert the mobile number and verify the account by providing the validation code sent via SMS.
    Please note that when enabling a Click-Through validation (Email or code via SMS), all the existing end-user accounts where the information to be validated is empty (Email or SMS) will also need to perform the validation step, as well as the new accounts.



  • Splash Portal social feeds
    The style of the Facebook and Twitter feeds on the Splash Portal has been improved.

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    Carlos Tavares

    Very good improvements, mainly related with the system user roles. It could be awesome if you implement the possibility to assign to each new system user the list of wifi area he/she can see and manage.