Validating an end-user's mobile phone number using a confirmation code


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

In addition to the traditional validation method "Password via SMS", Cloud4Wi also allows you to verify the mobile phone number of an end-user by sending a verification code.
This feature is supported by User Account and Click-Through Sign-up options and allows you to set an SMS validation to Click-Through where no password exists.

You can enable this feature by clicking on the Settings menu, then the Access templates menu item and lastly selecting your access template. In the Access restrictions tab of your access template, please select "Validation code via SMS" as the Account validation mode.

If the code-based validation is set, then end-users are asked for the phone number at registration, regardless of other options set in the Access templates. (This does not apply to Social Login).
After the registration process on the Splash Portal is completed, Cloud4Wi sends a text message to the end-user via SMS including a validation code. The end-user has to enter this code in the appropriate input field in order to get full access to the Internet, according to the assigned service plan.


User experience

In this example we consider a Splash Portal with Click-Through access and code-based validation. No Click-Through additional fields are set.

During the first access of the end-user, the Splash Portal asks for the mobile phone number. After the end-user enters his phone number, Cloud4Wi sends a text message with the code and the validation process begins.

By clicking on Send the code again, the code can be sent again. Please note that it is not possible to click this more than once.

There are two scenarios now:

  • The end-user enters the correct code and clicks on the GO button
  • The end-user does not enter the correct code

If the end-user enters the correct code, the validation process would be completed and he can use the service according to the Internet plan assigned.

On the contrary, if the end-user does not enter the correct code, the Splash Portal displays the "invalid code" error and the user can enter the code again. In case he closes the window before completing the validation process, next time he opens the Splash Portal he is asked to re-enter his mobile phone number. Then he would be redirected to the code validation form.

The first time an end-user is redirected to the code validation form, he receives a text message including the code. In case he closes the window before completing the validation process, next time he will not receive the code until he clicks on "Send the code again."

As already mentioned, entering the correct code will enable the end-user to have access to the Internet according to the assigned plan.

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