What user information does Cloud4Wi collect from Facebook?


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

Currently Cloud4Wi collects the following user details from Facebook:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Profile picture
  • Gender
  • Primary email address
  • Birthday
  • Age
  • Number of friends

We are not able to collect a list of an end-user's Liked pages and we are not able to determine if an end-user has Liked or Unliked a page through Facebook or through a third party platform.

Please read the following paragraph to learn more about "Liked Pages."


Liked pages

Currently Cloud4Wi is not able to collect a list of an end-user's Liked pages. We can detect if the page set in the Social Marketing application is Liked only when the end-user clicks on the "Like" button while logging in to the Splash Portal using Facebook.

Cloud4Wi cannot be aware if a page was already Liked by an end-user. As a result, the end-user may be asked to "Like" the page even if it was already Liked. In this case the user can Unlike the page and then Like it again.

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