Setting up "Like" and "Check In" options in the Social Marketing application


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

In this guide we provide an example for the configuration of the Facebook "Like" in Social Marketing, in order to give you a clear idea of the effectiveness of this application. Please note that the configuration for Twitter "Follow" and the Google+ "+1" is very similar.


Example scenario

In our case we set the following options:

Like: Yes
Mode: Optional
Facebook ID:
64867631703 (
Check In: Yes

We also configured an access post in the application. You can find an example of configuration in the following article: Setting up Access posts through a few clicks in the Social Marketing application.

End-user experience

An end-user logs in with Facebook, and he is asked to Like the Cloud4Wi page. In this case the "Optional" mode has been set, so the user is free to choose to Like or not.

Then the end-user is asked to post to his timeline.

If the user chooses to post, then the content is published to the timeline.
In this case you can see that the location of the page configured as Facebook ID, is appended to the post.

Please note that the Check in feature works only if the Facebook page selected has a valid location.
So, if you configured the Check In with your page and the location does not appear to your user's timeline, please check the address details of your page.

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