Cloud4Wi 5.9.7 Release Note


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 New Features

  • Analytics Update
    The analytics have been updated with a completely new core engine and all the previous network KPIs are collected under the same page with a new interface. There are now four main metrics related to the hotspot service: Users, Connections, Impressions and Traffic. You can find them on the same page (Network Analytics), under different tabs. (Please find more details here).

    All customer profile information, including demographic data, has been collected under a unique section called Customer Analytics. (Please find more details here).

    Real time Analytics data is now available with a time lag of about 30 minutes.

  • Troubleshooting KPIs
    A new section with KPIs considering service performance and problems has been added under the troubleshooting section. (Please find more details here).

  • Vendor Ecosystem
    Teldat APs and HP Unified series have been added to the list of supported vendors.


 Software Changes

  • Validation via SMS code
    The process of validating a mobile number via the SMS validation code has been improved. If a user closes the browser after receiving the SMS code, once he opens the browser again, the splash portal will directly display the page where he can insert the validation code.

  • PayPal transaction details
    In the custom fields of the Paypal transaction report you can now find details of the transaction including information about the User, the WiFi area and the Internet Plan.


Policy Update


Bug Fixed


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