FogSense Hardware Info


Package Content

The FogSense package contains:

Item Component Name Quantity
1 FogSense unit 1
2 USB Power Adapter
Input: 100 - 240 V
Output: 5V=2A
3 Mini USB cable 1
4 Help card 1

If any of these items are missing or damaged, please contact Cloud4Wi.


Product Info

The FogSense unit is housed in a plastic enclosure, ensuring a reliable sealing for a wide range of temperatures and has an integrated omnidirectional antenna.

The back label of FogSense contains:

  • Model Name
  • Serial Numer
  • FCC ID



FogSense has two LEDs located on the front panel.

The states of the LEDs indicate different operations as follows:

Blue Blinking
FogSense is in Setup Mode
Red Blinking
FogSense is correctly connected to the WiFi
Anything else
Any other behavior, such as cycling between orange and blue blinking without stabilizing, means that there is something wrong. Reset the probe and start from step 1 of the configuration process.




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