I expected to be redirected to the Splash Portal, but I get the "Oops" page. What does it mean?


If you get this page while being connected to a Hotspot, there is probably a configuration error.

If you are looking for general information on how to configure a Hotspot, the following articles can help you:

If you already know how to configure a Hotspot and you just need technical information on how to fix this error, you can proceed with the current article.

This error occurs when the Splash Portal is not able to determine where your Access Point comes from. Typically this is due to an error during the configuration of the Access Point, or during the configuration of the Hotspot in the Control Panel.

If you have already completed these configuration steps but you still get this error, please check the following:

  • the "Identifier" field set on the Control Panel is the same set during the configuration of the device.
  • for some vendors the Control Panel does not ask for the "Identifier", because Cloud4Wi is able to recognize the device directly from the MAC address. So, in this case, ensure that your MAC address has been correctly set in the Control Panel.
  • for some devices (for example: controller-based) there are some points to keep in mind during the configuration phase.
    Please read the following article: Complete list of supported APs, access devices and firmwares
    and find the configuration guide for your device. There could have been a mistake during the configuration process so it is necessary to double check all the steps.
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