Cloud4Wi 5.9.8 Release Note


Please check out what’s new below and let us know if you have questions. If you find a bug report it through our Support Center.

Updates to the Control Panel:

  • "WiFi Area" has been changed to "Venue". The WiFi Area entity has been re-named Venue throughout the control panel. 

  • "Hotspot" menu has been changed to "Devices" at the Venue level. The device menu lists all your devices, hotspots and/or Fogsense, depending on the license you have within your account.

  • Fogsense has been added to the Monitor menu dropdown. If you have a Fogsense license, you can see the complete list of Fogsense at both the Tenant and Venue level, from the Fogsense page within the Monitor menu dropdown. 

* We are continuing to update all prior documentation, so the noted changes and verbiage is reflected. 

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