An overview of the Cloud4Wi REST APIs


The Cloud4Wi REST APIs allow you to query meta-data about your accounts, end-users, Hotspots, Venues, accounting sessions, Splash Portal impressions, Analytics data etc. . Since the API is based on REST principles, it's very easy to write and test applications. You can use your browser to access URLs, and you can use pretty much any HTTP client in any programming language to interact with the API.

This section provides all the basic information you need to use Cloud4Wi REST APIs.
If you are getting started, then you have to follow the workflow below:

  1. Open the "Cloud4Wi API" application, ask for the API secret and agree to terms and conditions for the service. Please note that REST APIs are currently released in the Beta version.
    See the following article for details on this: Get or refresh your API credentials through the Control Panel.

  2. Access the documentation environment at Here you can learn more on how to interact with REST APIs, on the supported parameters and methods, and on the responses you get. This may be a good starting point for your custom script.
    See the following article for details on this: Use the API documentation environment.

  3. Start coding.
    Cloud4Wi REST APIs are based on REST principles, so you can easily interact with them regardless of the language you use.
    Find a sample script in the following article: Example of custom code using APIs.
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