Cloud4Wi 5.9.5 - Release Note


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    We released a first set of REST APIs so you can query meta-data about your accounts, end-users, Hotspots, WiFi Areas, accounting sessions, and Splash Portal impressions.
    You can find more details here.

    Notes: APIs are released in the Beta stage and are subject to Terms and Conditions. Access to APIs is regulated by the Price List and not enabled by default. They will be activated under customer requests.

  • Account validation via SMS code
    We added an additional validation option for the registration of new accounts, by sending a validation code via SMS instead of the password.
  • Number only password
    When the the Access Mode is configured to send the password via SMS, the system generates a number only password which is easier to remember and type on smartphones.

  • Username auto fill-in
    When the end user registers on the Splash Portal and receives the password via SMS, the system automatically fills the username in the login box to improve the usability.

  • End user CSV export
    We improved the method to export the list of end users via CSV. The download is now split in multiple files to speed up the the processing and the download time.
    You can read more information about this feature here.

  • Support of Cradlepoint APs
    Cloud4Wi is fully integrated with Cradlepoint APs. Check out more details here.



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