"Troubleshooting Analytics" (Analyzing service performance and problems)


You can access Troubleshooting Analytics by clicking on the Monitor menu, selecting the Troubleshooting section and then clicking on the Analytics button.

Below you can find all the information necessary to use this section.

How to use the header toolbar

The header toolbar allows you to filter your data by Tenant / Venue / Hotspot (according to your system level), display data only for a given time interval, refresh data and export data to an XLS file.

Filtering data by Tenant / Venue / Hotspot

  • The MSP Owner is able to filter results by Tenant / Venue / Hotspot
  • The Tenant is able to filter results by Venue / Hotspot
  • The Venue Manager is able to filter results by Hotspot

Filtering data based on a given time interval

It is possible to choose the following time intervals:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last seven days
  • Current month
  • Last month
  • Current year
  • Last year
  • Custom range

Refreshing your data

If you need to display updated data, you can can click on the button and see the most recent data for Analytics.

Real time data is available with a time lag of about 30 minutes so if you are loading the page for the first time, filtering or refreshing data, you will see values that can be about 30 minutes old or less. Please note that the Header toolbar displays the date and the time of the last update.


Exporting data to an XLS file

You can export all the data to an XLS file, by clicking on the Export button at the top-right corner of the page.
Please note that the data included in the XLS file is based on the values selected in the filters described above.

Absolute/Time interval statistics

It is also possible to select the following data displaying modes:

  • Overview: Data is displayed from the time the Tenant(s) / Venue(s) were created up to the current moment.
  • Time interval: data is displayed according to the time interval selected in the header toolbar.


The following charts are available in this sections:

  • Incomplete Registration Rate: the percentage of new end-users who did not validate their data (when requested).

  • Average Splash Portal loading time: the average loading time of the Splash Portal when displayed.

  • Connection Termination Reasons: this is a data table indicating the most frequent reasons for the session timeout of end-users. Data is presented in percentage and sorted in a descending order.
  • Failed Login Reasons: this is a data table indicating the reasons for unsuccessful authentications of end-users. Data is displayed in absolute and percentage values, and is sorted in a descending order.

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