FogSense installation and configuration



Before installing your FogSense, you must activate it in your Cloud4Wi account. To activate it, you need a Cloud4wi Account and a valid FogSense License.

During the setup you will need to insert the FogSense Serial Number, which is printed on the back label of the FogSense device. Make sure to take note of this number before starting the configuration process. 

To power FogSense you have two options:


  1. you can use the USB power adapter to install the probe in a power plug (1).
  2. power the FogSense using the mini-USB cable connected to a powered USB port (min 500 mA needed) or to the USB power adapter (2).


External Accessories (not included in the FogSense package)

If you need a longer USB cable to power your FogSense device, you can buy any USB A to Micro-B cable.



Before starting with the configuration, insure the FogSense is in setup mode as indicated by the top blue LED blinking.

Using your laptop or a smartphone (*) search for the available WiFi networks and look for a network called: C4W-XXXXXX where XXXXXX is the serial number of your FogSense.

Example: C4W-45F000

Connect to this WiFi network on your smartphone device and open a browsers. In the browser type the following in the URL bar

You will then see the setup page.

If you do not see the setup page, type the following IP Address directly in your browser URL bar.


The setup page shows the list of available networks to connect your FogSense to. If you don’t see your network reload the list by clicking on the refresh icon.

Click on the network name you wish to connect to. You will be taken to a screen where you can insert the network’s password Enter the password and click SAVE. If your network is open, simply click SAVE.

Upon successful connection to the selected WiFi network, the red LED blinks.


Note: Insure the FogSense is successfully setup by checking the following:

  1. The above screen appears on the browser (green check),
  2. The top LED light is blinking red;

NOTE (1) iPhone and iPad are not supported at the moment, please use another device

NOTE (2) You can monitor the status of your FogSense from the Control Panel. If for any reason the probe does not log online (for example if you typed a wrong password), you will have to reset the FogSense and start from the beginning. 


Full video here.


Connecting you FogSense Device to a Hotspot

If you plan to connect your FogSense to a hotspot, you need to take additional steps, all noted below. The WiFi network used for the hotspot doesn’t have a password, however it blocks all the communication of unauthorized devices.

To make sure the FogSense is connected to the cloud to send data, you need to open the domain of our cloud in the walled garden configuration of your hotspot.

The domain to open is:

IP Address:


Reset to Factory Settings

Reset the FogSense to factory settings may be needed in the following cases:

  • You entered the wrong password during the Setup 

  • You want to connect the FogSense to another 

  • The FogSense stopped working for an unknown 



  1. Press the Reset button for at least five seconds and release. 
  2. Immediately press and release the button a few times 
and then release.
  3. The LED will change color and the FogSense will reset to factory settings. 

The FogSense is in factory settings and ready for setup when the top blue LED is blinking. 


If the reset button is not accessible, use the microUSB cable to power up the FogSense to reach the reset button.


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