Mobile Location Analytics - In-store Notice Guidelines


Ensure consumers are aware that their Wi-Fi equipped mobile device may be detected and that they can opt out if desired. Wireless signals do not stop at the boundary of a store. Wi-Fi technology is able to sense mobile devices belonging to passers-by. We suggest that clients post notice at the store entrance to inform passers-by of the collection of MLA data and, where possible, clients should consider locating their Wi-Fi technology further back from the store front.


Make sure your in-store Fogsense notice is easy to find and easy to read.

To create your own signage, please use the following language and instructions:

Wireless Location Data Collection Notice

We use Wi-Fi technology to track location analytics. This data is used to improve the store layout and enhance the customer shopping experience. The data collected is anonymous and works by sensing the presence of smart phones.
No personal information is collected.

To learn more about customer location and your choices, visit

[Download the high resolution version form here]



Your in-store notice should be easily accessible and readable. More than one notice may be required. Placement and format will depend on your store and store layout.




Make sure the notice is large enough for shoppers of all ages to read. Never try to hide the notice in the fine print. We want to inform shoppers, not hide information from them.


Use text and background colors that are easy on the eyes. It can be particularly difficult to read text on transparent surfaces like glass. Consider the effect of different lighting conditions at different times of the day. If the notice is in direct sunlight, it may fade and require periodic replacement.


Place the notice in a high-traffic location of the store such as near a main entrance or the registers. Make sure the notice is mounted at a comfortable height for reading. To avoid loss or damage to the notice, use durable signage that cannot easily be removed from the store.



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