Automatic filtering – more accurate reporting for Presence Analytics



Presence Analytics show data calculated by considering the data all the Wi-Fi devices detected by your hardware. You can refine your data by redefining Minimum dwelling time for visit and Minimum signal level for visit parameters, as explained in the article called Presence Calibration.

However, in your venue, you usually have also some devices such as Wi-Fi printers, POSs, tablets and, in general, devices that you use in order to do your job. Furthermore, the people of your staff probably use their smartphones and for this reason they could be considered as "visitors".
All these devices are actually considered in the calculation of your Presence Analytics, but for most of the purposes they shouldn't, since this information does not really regard your customers.

Volare now offers the possibility to remove these data for your Presence Analytics, in order to get more accurate data of your business.


You have to go to Analytics → Presence Analytics, and then click on the button called Settings at the top-right corner of the page.
In the subsequent page, please find the section called Staff and network equipments filtering. In order to activate this option, please enable the checkbox option called .

Once the feature is enabled, you are able to set some time-based rules in order to exclude your team's and your venue's equipment.
In particular, you can set the following rules:

  • Staff devices are all those dwelling more than X hours per day for Y days in a Z days period
  • Network equipment devices are all those dwelling more than A hours per day for B days in a Z days period
Please note that:
  1. A must be greater than X, since we assume that a network equipment device is settled on your place, while the smartphone of your staff will move more easily out of the office
  2. The observation period of two rules will be equal to the same value: Z

You can change the rule and save them by clicking the Save Settings button.

In any moment you can disable this feature by unchecking the option called Enable staff and network equipment filtering


Calibrate Traffic Parameters

In this page you can also find the Calibrate Traffic Parameters section. Find more information here.

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