Validating an end-user's email address


Volare allows you to verify e-mail addresses provided by end-users during the registration process. You can access this feature by opening Guest Wi-Fi → Setup → Login Profiles, then selecting your login profile. In the Advanced tab, select "Email" as the Account validation mode.

This feature is supported when the following Sign-up options are selected: User Account and Click-through.


If the email validation is set, then each end-user who registers (except for users who choose Social Login) will be asked to enter their email address, regardless of the other options set in the login profile.

After end-users register on the Splash Page, Volare sends them an email asking them to open a verification link. Once the verification link is opened, they can verify their email and gain full access to the assigned Internet plan.

Service limitations for "unverified" accounts

For unverified accounts, it is not possible to surf the Internet for more than 5 minutes per session. Please note the different examples:

  • If the Internet plan allocated to the end-user allows him or her to surf for more than 5 minutes, then the session will automatically close after 5 minutes. Afterwards, the end-user is still able to reconnect to the Internet, and the period of the new session depends on the remaining minutes of the Internet plan.

  • If the Internet plan allows the end-user to surf fewer than 5 minutes, then no restrictions are applied.
  • If the account is not associated with any Internet plan, then the end-user is not able to connect to the Internet.

Furthermore, the following cases happen for "unverified" accounts:

  • Every time an "unverified" account user goes online, a message is displayed on the Splash Page and the email confirmation is sent to the email address of the end-user. This happens until the account is validated.
  • If Click-through is enabled, then the "Email address" field on the Splash Page is always visible for the end-user. This continues until the email address is validated.

Manual validation by the system user

A system manager (Organization or Location Manager) is able to manually validate an account from the Admin Panel, by clicking on the People button in the quick access toolbar on the left, searching for the end-user account, opening it and clicking on the "Confirm" link next to Confirm Registration Email. If you cannot find this link, it means that the account does not need to be validated.


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