Smart Authentication


Smart Authentication is a type of MAC authentication that ties a user device to user account and pre-authenticates a user when opening the Welcome Portal.


This is a MAC-based authentication is supported when the access point used is able to send the user's MAC address to the Welcome Portal.

First Access

When Smart Authentication is enabled and the end-user opens the Welcome Portal for the first time on his/her device, he/she will follow the normal authentication method, according to the Sign-up Method selected in the Admin Panel.

After access has been successfully authenticated, Volare internally stores the MAC address of the end-user.

Second Access

When the end-user opens the Welcome Portal during second access with Smart Authentication enabled, he/she don't have to manually authenticate: the Welcome Portal recognizes the MAC address of the end-user and automatically sends an access request to the RADIUS server.

If the request is successful, then the end-user can just open the Welcome Portal and be automatically logged in.

Note: Log out Button

Please note that when Smart Authentication is enabled, the Logout button will not be available in the Welcome Portal.

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