Setting up posts on Social Media Marketing


This article will demonstrate the effectiveness of using the Marketing feature in the Social Media Marketing app.

Example scenario

This example provides a quick how-to guide, to configure the application to post Once every 3 days on Twitter. The first step is to go to the Admin Panel, click on Manage → Apps and open the Social Marketing application, then go to the Posts tab. Here you can configure following options:

  • Post settings
  • Post content
  • Schedule a new Post


Post Content section lets you manage the content you want to post on selected social media accounts.

Scheduling lets you manage how often the content should be posted.

Below, you can see three configured scheduled posts. One for Facebook (with the Only Daily option) and two for Twitter (the first one with the Only once option, the second one with the Daily option).

End-user experience

First access

The end-user logs in with Twitter for the first time. We are going to explain how the content is chosen.

Access post settings

The first thing to check is Access post settings. In this case:

  • Enable social post is set to "Yes", so the features are enabled for the organization or location.
  • Limit posting to the timeline is "Once every 3 days", the application tries to retrieve content only if the user hasn't logged in to the service in the past 3 days. In our case, the end-user is logging in for the first time.

Access post content

A piece of content will be selected from the Your scheduled post list. In our case, there are both default and scheduled content. As a rule, scheduled content has the first priority.

Scheduled posts are ordered by creation/modification date, so the more recently created or modified one is displayed at the top of the list, and the rest follow in descending order.

The application parses each item until a valid one is selected. If no scheduled content is selected, the application selects the default.

In our case:

  1. The first item cannot be selected, since it deals with Facebook authentication, and the end-user is logging in via Twitter.
  2. The second item will be selected since it is Twitter content and all the constraints are met.
  3. The third item meets all the constraints as well, but the second one has priority and is already selected.

The application then asks the user to post the selected content. If he or she accepts, then the content is published.

Second access

Access post settings

If the end-user tries to log in again earlier than 3 days, then no content is selected. Otherwise, the content is selected.

Let's assume that the end-users logs in again three days after the first login.

Access post content

Scheduled content is parsed again.

In our case:

  1. The first item cannot be selected, since it deals with Facebook authentication, and the end-user is logging in via Twitter.
  2. The second item cannot be selected either, because it is an Only once content, and has already been published.
  3. The third item meets all the constraints and is selected.

Third access

Access post settings

The behavior is the same as the second access.

Access post content

In this case, the behavior is same as before, and the third content is selected.

Please note that Twitter does not allow applications to post duplicate content. So if not much time has passed since the last post, Twitter may reject the post.

Note: As previously mentioned, if no scheduled post is selected, then the default one is chosen. If no default post is selected for the particular social network, then the application will not ask the user to publish any post.

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