Setting a publicly shared password for your location


The Shared Password is an optional password, that can be set by either the Organization Manager or the Location Manager for a specific Location (the Organization Manager can set this for all manageable Locations). This represents an additional access control to be performed by end-user after authenticating through the Splash Page.

This can be applied to all sign-up methods supported by the Volare Platform (Username/Password, Social Login, and Click-through). An end-user who does not enter the correct password is not able to access the internet service, even if correctly performing the authentication on the Splash Page.

The Organization or Location Manager are able to change the password at any time from the Admin Panel, by editing registration options.

You can enable this feature by clicking on Guest Wi-Fi → Setup → Login Profiles, then the select your template. In the Advanced tab of your login profile, please select "Shared password” and set up the password.


One possible scenario can be when you grant access to end-users through a unique common password, without asking them to remember individual access credentials (username/password).

In this scenario, it is convenient to use Click-through mode authentication: that way, end-users can authenticate by selecting the Terms of use and Privacy Policy check-box and then clicking Connect to Internet button in the Splash Page.

After this, end-users need to provide the specified access password on the Splash Page to get access to the Internet.

This is only one example: the access shared password method can be applied over all sign-up methods supported by the platform.

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