App Bar


App Bar is a dynamic bar that consists of applications and is published on the Splash Page. This allows end-users to easily access active applications or external web URLs.

Admin Panel management

To access this application, click on the quick access toolbar on the left Manage → Apps → Guest Wi-Fi → App Bar.

In the top part of the window, there are all the items that can be added to an App Bar. They are:

  • Available applications
  • External URLs that have been created using the External links application. You can learn more about this application by reading External Links.

The opaque elements in the above screenshot are those that are already included in the App Bar. These applications can be viewed in the lower part of the page representing the App Bar.

To add an item to the App Bar, just drag and drop the app you want to the App Bar.

You can change the order of links and apps, by dragging and dropping icons to where you want them to be. In the example below, we are going to change the position between Geo Chat and Internet.

It is also possible to remove a single item from the App Bar, by clicking the delete button at the top-right corner.

Options are at the top-right part of the page, which lets you choose the colors displayed for the items in the App Bar. The following options available are:

  • Single color: all the applications will have a single color and it can either be a default color or customized color. If Customized colors are selected, then you can set a custom color by choosing a predefined one or by manually entering the HTML code.

  • Different color for each app: you can set a different color for each application on the App Bar.

This can be done by the Organization Manager, but if the Management is Differentiated and the Responsibility is assigned to the Location, then the Location Manager can be in charge of colors. For further information about these settings, please see article Apps and select Setting access policies for your application.

End-user experience

The App Bar has been designed and built by using responsive technologies and for this reason, it is suitable for different screen sizes and resolutions. Below are some examples of how it looks on the Splash Page:

Large-size display (when width is larger or equal than 768px)

Small-size display (when width is less than 768px)

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