External Links


External Links is an application which allows you to publish links on the App Bar of the Welcome Portal, this redirects end-users to external sites.

Admin Panel Management

To access the External Link application, click on the quick access toolbar on the left Manage → Apps → Guest Wi-Fi → External Links. Here you can edit existing links or click Create, then proceed to configure the following options for a new link:

  • Icon: add an icon to display on the Welcome Portal. We strongly recommended you upload images with transparent backgrounds, this way the default color chosen as the background for the App Bar can also apply to the icon.
  • Label: in the "Label" column, specify the text that will be displayed per the language selected in the Welcome Portal.
  • URL: where the end-user is redirected to, after clicking on the icon on the Welcome Portal.
  • Walled Garden: this indicates the defined URL is included in the Walled Garden of the device used as an access point. If this option is not checked, the end-user needs to authenticate before he/she can be redirected to the specified URL.


Click Save and perform the following actions:

  • Edit: edit an existing item by modifying the specified fields.
  • Delete: delete an existing item.


These actions can be performed by the Company Manager or delegated to Venue Manager. For further information about delegation settings, please read the article about Apps.

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