Click-through: how to configure guest access without passwords


The Click-through authentication mode is a sign-in method that does not require end-users to create an account in order to access the Guest Wi-Fi. The end-user can get online just by clicking a button and accepting Terms of Use.

End-users may need to provide personal data, as mentioned below Additional fields.



To enable the Click-through option, set Sign-Up Option to Click-through in the Login Profiles section, as described in Login Profile configuration and options.

Please note if Click-through is enabled, all the features related to the user account, such as the password recovery and the self-care portal, are disabled.

Additional options

When Click-through is selected in the Login Profile, some options need to be configured:

  • Additional fields: you can find this option in the Login Options tab of Login Profiles, under the Primary Sign-Up fieldset, when Sign-up is set to Click-through. It is possible to require end-users to enter personal data, such as:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Birthday
    • Gender
    • Phone number
    • Personal ID
    • Personal ID (Brazil)
    • Passport number
    • Country
  • Acceptance of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: you can find this option in the Advanced tab of Login Profiles, under the Policies fieldset. If it is set to Explicit, then the end-user is required to click the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy checkbox before going online. Otherwise, these statements are displayed but the checkbox is not visible. The end-user implicitly agrees with the clauses by clicking the Go online button.

If no fields are specified, then the end-user is able to authenticate without providing any information. It is necessary to enter data only at first access. For future access, the Splash Page will recognize the end-user based on the MAC address of their device.

Please note that each time the end-user has to enter new information (because a new field is set through the Admin Panel), they will be asked to accept the Promotional Communications Policy. In this case, Volare considers the last choice of the end-user.

Click-through and Social Login

When enabling Click-through, it is still possible to use Social Login as an alternative way for an end-user to log in. This is also a fast way to log in and allows more data to be collected.

Click-through and Splash Page templates

Please note that if you are using a Splash Page template you can publish the Login box on the homepage of the Splash Page. In order to do that, you have to create the Login content type and then publish it into the desired block within the Splash Page.

For details, see the following article:

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