Coupons Lite


Coupons Lite is an application that allows coupon campaigns to be created. Either the Company or Venue Manager can create virtual coupons for end-users to use. 

An end-user who wants to take advantage of a coupon must:

  1. Sign into the Welcome Portal (unauthenticated end-users are not able to access coupons)
  2. Open the Coupons Lite application
  3. Visit the sales associate and provide him/her with the coupon.

Admin Panel management

To access the Coupons Lite application, click on the quick access toolbar on the left Manage → Apps → Marketing → Coupons Lite. Configure the application:

  • Create: create a new coupon campaign.
  • Check: validate the coupon assignment to an end-user.
  • Manage: perform operations on an existing coupon campaign.

Creating a new coupon campaign

By clicking the Create button, you can create a new coupon campaign. Specify the following information:

  • Campaign name: name of the campaign.
  • Validity period: the time period range of dates where the campaign is valid.
  • Number of coupons: the number of coupons that can be made available. It can be an unlimited amount or a set number. 
  • Product name: the name of the product or the service that coupon is promoting.
  • Product description: a short description of the promotion.

You can upload an image to the coupon campaign. Any image uploaded will be resized to 140x140 pixel.

Validating a coupon assignment

By clicking the Check button, you can validate the coupon to an end-user. Every time an end-user accesses a coupon, the system produces a coupon code (displayed on the screen and when possible, sent via e-mail). Then, the end-user can physically go to the Venue Manager to validate and use the coupon. The Venue Manager must click the Check button and verify if the coupon code is valid or not. If valid, all the details for the coupon will be displayed, and the Venue Manager can redeem the coupon for the end-user.

By clicking the Manage button, you can view the list of coupon campaigns that are currently present. Each coupon campaign listed will have a status:

  • Active: indicates a coupon campaign is currently active and valid. This means that the current date is within the Validity period specified.
  • Not active: indicates a coupon campaign is currently inactive but will be active in the future. This means the current date is earlier than the Validity period specified.
  • Expired: indicates a coupon campaign is currently inactive and was active in the past. This means the current date is later than the Validity period specified.
  • Coupons unavailable: indicates a coupon campaign currently valid, but all the available coupons have been accessed by end-users. In this case, you can edit the coupon campaign and specify a greater value for Number of coupons to reset the status to Active.

For each coupon campaign, you can s:

  • Edit: edit the following parameters for the selected coupon campaign:
    • Campaign name
    • Validity period
    • Number of coupons
    • Product name
    • Product description

You can upload an image or add one if there was no image uploaded before. 

Statistics: displays all coupons associated with the selected campaign, along with the following details:

    • Coupon code: the unique code that characterizes every single coupon.
    • Checked: if the coupon has been accessed, it indicates whether the end-user has used it or not by seeing the Check feature previously described.
    • Assignment date: if the coupon has been accessed, it indicates the date when the coupon has been accessed.
    • User: if the coupon has been accessed, it indicates the username for the end-user that accessed the coupon.
    • Email: if the coupon has been accessed, it indicates the email address for the end-user that coupon has been assigned to.
    • Phone number: if the coupon has been accessed, it indicates the mobile phone number for the end-user that accessed the coupon.
  • You can export all statistics to a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button on the Statistics page.
  • Delete: delete an existing coupon campaign. Please note that deleting a coupon campaign deletes all the details regarding the coupons and their assignment to end-users will also be deleted.

These actions can be performed by the Company Manager or delegated to Venue Managers. For further information about delegation settings, please see article Apps.

End-user experience

By displaying the application on the App Bar, end-users are able to see and access coupons. 

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