How to add a FogSense


The Organization or Location Manager can add a new Fogsense to a location.

Procedure for the Organization Manager

If the feature is enabled, the owner can click on the Manage → Location button in the quick access toolbar, select a Location by clicking on its name and then go to the Fogsense tab and click Add.

Procedure for the Location Manager

If the feature is enabled for the Location, the Location Manager can add a Fogsense by clicking on the Manage → Devices button in the quick access toolbar and then choose Fogsense and click Add.

Adding a new Fogsense

Adding a new Fogsense, at any system user level, requires the following information:

  • Name: the unique name for the Fogsense.
  • Serial Number: the Serial Number for the Fogsense. You can find this information on a label on the back of the FogSense device.
  • Description: an optional short description for the Fogsense.
  • Country, City, Address, State/Province/Region, ZIP/Postal Code, Building and Floor information (Provided to be used when FloorPlan is uploaded).

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