Linking your organization's social media accounts to the Social Media Marketing app


The Social Media Marketing application allows to you to update your organization's social page or profile directly from the Admin Panel. You can post an update or schedule a new one at a specified time.

The first step is to go to the Admin Panel, click on Manage → Apps → All and open the Social Marketing application and then go to the Settings tab. For this example, we will be linking a Facebook page. Click the Link this account button for Facebook, and then wait until the pop-up window is loaded.

If no window loads, please check your browser's extensions,  pop-ups, and advertising.

Then enter your Facebook access credentials.

If you are using the application for the first time, you need to set some permissions to authorize the Social Media Marketing application to get data from Facebook. Please note that all the required permissions are necessary for the application to properly work. 

The first permission is the access to your public profile: this is necessary because the application needs to display and store data from the Facebook user who set the page that is currently linked.

The second permission allows the application to post content.

The third permission allows the application to manage Facebook page.

Then the application asks for the page where the content will be posted on.

Finally, the page is linked.

Move to the Updates tab and enter the content that you want to post on your page.

Then there are two options: Post now, or schedule content for later.

In this example we are going to immediately post the content, so you need to select the social network on which you want to post on before clicking Post now

By moving to the Feeds tab, it is possible to quickly check if the update has been posted. Please note that in some cases, this section is updated after a few seconds or you can directly check your Facebook page as well.

Common issues

In some cases, you can find the following error on your Settings page.

This is usually a security issue, the most common causes are:

  • The account has been linked a while ago, and therefore the validity of the operation is expired.
  • You made changes to the Settings of your Facebook profile.

You can usually fix this by unlinking your page/profile in the Settings page and then linking it again.

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