Manually create end-users from the Admin Panel


The manual registration process for an end-user can be performed by the Company / Venue Manager (assisted registration). The traditional option being, performed directly by the end-user (autonomous registration) accessing the Welcome Portal.

The Company / Venue Manager are able to create a new end-user by adding a manual registration. To do this, click the People button in the quick access toolbar and then click the Add button in the command toolbar. What needs to be entered, which can be changed later, are:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Gender
    • Birthplace
    • Birthday
    • Address
    • City
    • Country
    • Email: the end-user's email address
    • ID Document: the type of document shown by the end user
    • Document ID number
    • Personal ID
    • Passport Number
    • Member ID
    • Phone Number: the end-user's mobile phone.
    • Send password by: indicates how the password will be sent to the end-user.
      • Email: if the email address has been specified
      • SMS: if the phone number has been specified
      • Screen: if you are going to print and manually deliver the credentials to the end-user.

These options are not mutually exclusive and can be selected simultaneously. The data will also be requested from end-users during their autonomous registration.

If the registration is made by the Company Manager, the following data is required:

    • Venue: the Venue to which the end-user belongs.
    • Internet Plan: a Plan to assign to the end-user in Auto-provisioning mode. It can also be empty.
    • Type: indicates the type of end-user. The following types may be available, depending on the license activated by the Tenant and on the type of Venue:
      • Guest: the user authenticates to the service through the Welcome Portal. This option is not enabled when the type of the Venue is Enterprise.
      • Enterprise: in this case, the user authenticates to the service through the 802.1x protocol.
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