Password recovery for end-users


In this article, we will discuss how end-users can recover their password on the Splash Page. This step needs to be enabled by either the Organization or Location Manager from Login Profile.

This option can be enabled by either editing an existing login profile template or by creating a new template by going to Guest Wi-Fi → Setup → Login Profiles, the password recovery option is under other sub-section.

If this option is correctly configured, the password recovery page appears at the bottom of the login box of the Splash Page, as displayed below.

By clicking Forgot your password? Click here! the end-user is redirected to the "reset password" page. Here the end-user can reset and get new access credentials by entering their username.

The system checks for the username and, if it exists, generates and sends the new password to the end-user either by SMS or email, depending on what information was provided by end-user during account registration.

Please note that currently, the only data that an end-user can provide to recover a password is the username. To make it easier for the end-user to remember their username, the Organization / Location Manager can set their mobile number as the username.

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