Custom Reports


Custom Reports allow for easy analysis and comparison of data. By using Custom Reports, you can display data collected from Wi-Fi Service, User, and Presence Analytics, group venues together, choose the KPIs you want to compare, and view it all on an easy-to-digest table.
You can access Custom Reports by clicking on Analytics in the toolbar on the left and then selecting Custom Reports in the second level toolbar.

How to use

Once you’re in the Custom Reports section, use your search filter to select:

  • time range
  • venues
  • metrics

Possible time ranges are:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Current month
  • Last month
  • Current year
  • Last year
  • Custom range (you are able to set a start date and a stop date)

For venues, select just one, a few, or all. The metrics that can be displayed are:

  • Wi-Fi Service Analytics

    • New Users
    • Average New Users Per Day
    • Max Concurrent Connections
    • Connections
    • Average Connections Per Day
    • Impressions
    • Average Impressions Per Day
    • Total Traffic (MB)
    • Average Traffic Per User (MB)
    • Total Connection Time (Hrs)
    • % Returning Users
    • Average Connection Time Per User (Hrs)
  • User Analytics

    • % Male Users
    • % Female Users
    • % Desktop Users
    • % Smartphone Users
    • % Tablet Users
  • Presence Analytics

    • Attraction Rate
    • Unique Visitors
    • % Repeat Visitors
    • Average Visit Duration (Hrs)

By clicking on the Export button you can export the data to a CSV file.

Filters will help you search for your venues and KPIs.

Once the results are loaded, you can sort by specific metrics by clicking on the arrow at the top of the desired column.

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