PayPal Connect


The PayPal Connect application allows your end-users to pay for their Internet plans by using PayPal payment gateway. This solution accepts online payments from most countries.


To set up this application in Volare, you need a merchant account. You can sign up for one at

In your merchant PayPal account, you’ll need to generate API credentials and enter them into the Volare Admin Panel. This procedure is explained step-by-step in the article Set-up PayPal payments.

You also need to configure IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) in order to handle pending transactions. This procedure is available in the article Configuring IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) with PayPal.

Lastly, you’ll have to allow end-users to access the PayPal website before they are logged in. To do that, you have to correctly set up the walled garden of your access point. You can find this information in this article, in the paragraph called "Walled garden".

Get more information by visiting the PayPal Customer Support.

Admin Panel configuration

Find the “PayPal Connect” application in the Marketplace, if available on your account. To get there, go to Manage → Apps and search in Integrations.

After clicking on the “PayPal Connect” application, you will see a configuration screen asking for the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Signature

Once these parameters have been entered, you can activate the payment gateway on your instance:

  1. Go to Manage → Preferences,
  2. Move to the Gateways tab
  3. Select "PayPal" as Provider Lists in the Online payments fieldset.

Once this configuration is completed, any end-user who intends to use a paid Internet plan will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction. The entire payment procedure takes place on the PayPal website and no sensitive information about bank account details or debit/credit card numbers is shared with Volare.

Walled garden

In order to get the connector working for your end-users, you have to add the following domains (and any related subdomain) to the walled garden of your access point:


Find here the guide for your access point: Complete list of supported access points, access devices, and firmware.

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