PayULatam Connect


The PayULatam Connect application allows your end-users to pay for their Internet plans by using PayU Latam payment gateway.
This solution is suitable for accepting online payments in Latin America.
At the time of writing, PayULatam is supported across seven countries: Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Please check the PayU Latam official site for any updates on this.


In order to set up this application in Volare, you need a merchant account. You can sign up at

Once you have your account, you will be able to find the following information that Volare needs to set up payments:

  • Account ID
  • Merchant ID
  • API Login
  • API Key

Then, you have to allow your end-users to access PayULatam website before they are logged in. To do that, you have to correctly set up the walled garden of your access point. You will find the necessary information in this article, in the paragraph called "Walled garden".

Please also make sure that you configured your merchant account to work in production.
To do this you should uncheck the Transaction in test mode option that you will find in your administrative module.  

You can get more information by visiting PayULatam forums or by contacting PayULatam Support Team.


Admin Panel configuration

You can find the "PayULatam Connect" application in the Marketplace, if available on your account. To get there, go to Manage Apps and search in Integrations section.

After clicking on the "PayULatam Connect" application, you will see a configuration screen asking for the following data of your account:

  • Account ID
  • Merchant ID
  • API Login
  • API Key

Once these parameters have been entered, you activate the payment gateway on your instance by going to Manage Preferences, then moving to the Gateways tab and finally selecting "PayULatam" as Provider Lists in the Online payments fieldset.
When this configuration is completed, any end-user who intends to use a paid Internet plan will be redirected to PayULatam UI in order to complete the transaction. Please note that the payment procedure entirely takes place in the PayULatam website and no sensitive information about bank account details or debit/credit card numbers is shared with Volare.

Supported currencies

At the time of writing, the supported currencies depend on the country where you are using your PayULatam account (the one you chose when creating your account).

  • Argentina: Argentine Pesos (ARS), United States Dollars (USD)
  • Brazil: Brazilian Reales (BRL), United States Dollars (USD)
  • Colombia: Colombian Pesos (COP), United States Dollars (USD)
  • Mexico: Mexican Pesos (MXN), United States Dollars (USD)
  • Panama: United States Dollars (USD)
  • Peru: Peruvian New Soles (PEN), United States Dollars (USD)

So, for example: if you chose to sell in Argentina, then (based on the list above) you have to set Argentine Pesos or US Dollars in the International Settings of the Admin Panel. Any other currency will not be supported.
Please check the PayU Latam official site for any updates on this.

Minimum order values

At the time of writing, PayULatam is not accepting transactions if the order amount is lower than:

  • Argentine Pesos: 17 ARS
  • Brazilian Reales: 6 BRL
  • Mexican Pesos: 39 MXN
  • Peruvian New Soles: 5 PEN


Walled garden

In order to get the connector working for your end-users, you have to add the following domains (and any related subdomain) to the walled garden of your access point:


Please find here the guide for your access point: Complete list of supported access points, access devices, and firmware.

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