Configuring IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) with PayPal


Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that automatically notifies merchants of events related to PayPal transactions.
In order to manage pending transactions, you must configure the IPN into the PayPal Account. This allows the PayPal server to communicate with the Splash Portal when a pending payment is getting authorized.

Using the login credentials from your merchant account, please log in to PayPal. In the My Account > Profile section, you can find a link called Instant Payment Notifications preferences.

If you never configured the IPN before, you will get the following screen. You have to click the Choose IPN Settings button.

Then in the next screen, you have to set the following configuration:

Notification URL:
Message delivery: Enabled

Then the configuration is complete. Making the same procedure a second time, you can check if the configuration is correct.

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