The Volare solution provides a bundle of integrated application modules that can be displayed and accessed by end-users on the Welcome Portal.

The number of applications available depends on the license purchased. Applications are managed by the company manager through the Admin Panel. There, they can:

  • Enable applications for each venue
  • Configure and manage applications

The company manager can directly manage applications for each venue or delegate this job to the venue manager. To view available applications, click on the quick access toolbar on the left Manage → Apps → All.

Managing your applications

Configuring applications can be managed by company managers or delegated to venue managers. But keep in mind, it is not an all or nothing situation. Only some applications can be delegated to venue managers while others can remain in the control of company managers. If delegation option is available, it can be configured by clicking on the top right corner of the application. This opens a drop-down and you can choose Settings.


Some applications by default are available at both company and venue level. Company managers can choose whether or not they want to provide access to venue managers. For example - the Advertising app is available at both company and venue level by default. If the company manager wants to either enable or disable the Advertising app for the venue manager, then he or she has to go to the Venue section, open the Apps tab, and click manage the app. Delegating this app using the drop-down menu mentioned earlier is not an option.



Setting access policies

By clicking the Settings button for any application, company managers can indicate who can configure the app. Possible choices are:

  • Owned by company, same for all venues: only the company manager can configure the application. Venue managers don’t have access to configure or edit the app. The configuration Setting is applied to all venues managed by the company manager. In this case, only the company manager is able to uninstall the application.
  • Owned by company, different for each venue: Configuration settings are different for each venue. The app is managed by the company manager, and he or she has to open the Apps tab in the Venue section, select the desired Venue, and then click manage the app. Only the company manager can configure the application and venue managers don’t have access to configure or edit the app.
  • Owned and managed by venue manager: Both company manager and the venue manager will be able to configure the applications. The venue manager can do this by accessing the toolbar on the left Manage → Apps, but the company manager has to open the Apps tab in the Venue section, for the desired Venue and then click manage the app. This app can be removed and managed on both levels.

Adding to sidebar / Removing from sidebar

For some applications, at Company level, you can find Add to sidebar or Remove from sidebar in the marketplace. This allows you to add (or remove) the link to an app to the (from) the sidebar and improve your user experience for frequently-used apps.

If you click the Add to sidebar link, you will be asked the sidebar section where you want to move your application. You can choose between:

  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Manage

Please note: if the application is enabled at Venue level, then venues owners will also display the link in the sidebar


List of applications

On the main screen, you will see All at the top right corner. This filters and displays all licensed applications available for your Company/Venue by category.

  • All
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Integrations
  • Dev Suite

Installing an application

On the top part of this section you can filter installed applications by their category:

  • All - lists all applications licensed to the account
  • Installed - lists only the applications that have been installed

To install a new app, choose the app from the All section and click on the Install button, you can install the selected application and move it to Installed page.


Applications can be removed by clicking on the top right corner of the application. This opens a drop-down menu from which you can choose remove. This option is available depending on the application and not all applications can be removed. Uninstalling an app can be delegated to company managers or venue managers, depending on who has the rights to. Uninstalled applications can be reinstalled again at a later time.

Getting more info

By clicking on info, you can see a detailed description of the application.


Access Journey

Please find more information in this article: Access Journey.


Display options

You can change the details regarding how the application is displayed on the Welcome Portal. To do this, you must open the desired application by clicking on the icon of the application and then clicking on the Settings button.

Once inside the application, you must set the following fields:

  • Icon: this is the application icon displayed within the App Bar on the Welcome Portal.
  • Pre-authentication: this indicates whether the application is visible and can be used when the end-user is not authenticated.


Changing the name of an application

To change the name of an application on the Welcome Portal, you must create a custom Welcome Portal language. From there, you can modify application names. Using the same process, you can change application names for all languages supported by the Welcome Portal.

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