Advertising Lite


Advertising Lite is an application that allows you to set up and manage ad campaigns by inserting rotating banners on Splash Pages for a certain amount of time. Once this application has been activated, the Organization Manager is able to monitor all the data, such as impressions and click analysis for each image.

Admin Panel management

To access this application, click on the quick access toolbar on the left Manage → Apps → Marketing → Advertising Lite. From here you can manage the ads that will be displayed to end-users.

The first step is to select a zone. A zone indicates a place where banners will be displayed. The available zones are:

  • Top box: placing an add at the upper part of the Splash Page, above all other blocks. Please note that top box ads are not supported by the Metro template.
  • Splash ADV: having an ad appear when an action is performed - such as end-user sign-up, login, logout, etc.
  • Bottom box: placing an ad the bottom of the Splash Page, below all other blocks. Please note that bottom box ads are not supported by the Metro template.

By clicking Statistics for a zone, you can see the number of related impressions and clicks. This information can be viewed in the Admin Panel (and can be filtered to a specific time frame), and it can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button. Please note that, as explained below, the application allows you to display statistics for every single banner in the zone.

By clicking Manage banners for a zone, you can enter the page to create a new banner (by clicking the Add new banner button) in the zone or edit an existing one.

The available actions for every banner are:

  • Pause / Play: to enable inactive ads or disable active ads.
  • Edit: to modify details of existing ads.
  • Statistics: to display end-users clicks and impressions for the single ad, as mentioned above.
  • Delete: to delete an ad.

Creating a new banner

You can create a new banner by clicking the Add new banner button. The following information is required:

  • Name of the banner: the name associated with the banner.
  • Date of publication: the advertising campaign start and stop interval.
  • Url: the URL where the end-user is redirected to after clicking the banner.
  • Banner: the image to upload from the Admin Panel.

Please note that if you insert more than one image per section, you will have a "rotating banner". All actions can be performed by the Organization Manager and, if the Management is Differentiated and the Responsibility is assigned to the Location, also by the Location Manager. For further information about these settings, please see article Apps and section Setting access policies for your application.

End-user experience

This is an example of Top box banner:

This is an example of Splash ADV banner:

This is an example of Bottom box banner:

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