How to get the "Like ID" of a Facebook page


The Facebook: Like ID is a unique code used by Facebook to check and identify each page. This article will show how to get a Like ID for a Facebook page. As an example, we'll show the steps to getting the Like ID for

The easiest method is using the “Content Block” feature to generate this ID. In this article, we are just going to get a "Like ID" value and we are not creating a content block. The process to create a content block is available in Define content blocks for your Splash Page.

Go to Guest Wi-Fi → Setup → Splash Pages from the sidebar and click on the Contents button and click Add. This will redirect you to a “New Content” page and from there, choose Type drop-down option and choose Facebook. This will enable a tab containing Splash Page languages at the bottom.

For our purpose, it is not important which language we select. We can select any language and click the Get Social ID button shown in the picture.

Then a model window is displayed: enter the full Facebook profile URL if the field is not populated and click Apply to get the required ID. If a valid Facebook page URL is provided, the window will return with the corresponding Like ID (in our case, it is "64867631703").

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