Configuring Paid Internet Plans


An end-user can activate an Internet Plan in two ways:

In this article, we will discuss how to enable an Internet Plan where the end-user can buy a plan by submitting an online payment.

Configuration on the Admin Panel

A Company/Venue Manager who wants to allow end-users to buy an Internet Plan through an automatic procedure should configure an Internet Plan accordingly:

  • Price: the price must be greater than zero
  • Self-Provisioning: this parameter must be set to Yes; this Internet Plan will appear in the list with other plans that the end-user can choose and activate
  • Access Code: this parameter must be set to No; otherwise the end-user is prompted to enter an Access Code instead of being redirected to the online payment procedure
  • Status: this parameter must be set to Enabled for the Internet Plan to be active

Please visit the article Creating a new Internet Plan for more information.

Retrieving payment details of a customer

When a transaction appears on the PayPal website, the following details about the end-user are available under the field called "Custom":

  • Venue
  • Access point
  • Username
  • Internet plan

Example of a payment below.

End-user experience

After the end-user goes through the sign-up process, they are given the option to choose and activate the Internet Plan through the Internet Plans page, this page shows all the Internet Plans available for the Venue, and is available to be configured for the Self-Provisioning mode.

After clicking on the Pick and Pay button, the end-user is redirected to the PayPal page, where he can complete payment and activate the Plan.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to configure the device to allow unauthenticated end-users to reach the PayPal website. For more details, please visit: Walled Gardens for PayPal feature.

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