Heatmaps (Location Analytics) with Meraki CMX


Cloud4Wi has worked with Meraki to develop an API that can capture data from Meraki access points and feed into Volare’s Heatmaps. To complete this integration between Meraki and Volare follow this guide.


Configuration on Meraki

The initial step is to upload a floor plan (.png or .jpeg files only) onto the Meraki dashboard and then place APs on this floor plan. You need to make sure that all the APs have been placed on the floor plan and there are no APs remaining under unplaced option. See below sample screenshot.

Also, take note of the Network name as this will be needed when configuring on Volare. Visit Meraki support for more information in regards to adding floorplan (https://documentation.meraki.com/MR/Monitoring_and_Reporting/Using_a_Floor_Plan_or_Custom_Map_in_Dashboard).


Configuration on Volare

The first step is to upload the same floorplan used on Meraki dashboard under the location where Heatmaps data is to be captured. The important field when creating a new floorplan is “Floor hardware manufacture ID”: this field should be the same as the floor plan name (it’s case sensitive) used on Meraki dashboard.


Please read the following article about how to Add and Manage floorplan (https://cloud4wi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208154933-Adding-and-managing-floors) on Volare.

Once the configuration upload has been completed, the access point will be able to capture location data and feed it to the Volare Platform.

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