Dashboard Overview


The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into the Admin Panel. In order to access this section from anywhere else in the Admin Panel, click on the Dashboard button in the quick access toolbar.

Please note, the widgets displayed in the Dashboard depend on the access rights of the account manager and each manager has his/her view of the dashboard. If an organization manager descends to the location level, he/she will be able to see the data from the location on the dashboard.

The default view of the dashboard presents data gathered over the Last 7 days, with the option to change and view data collected over the Last 30 days or Last 90 days. For certain widgets, the Manager will see a comparison of data with the previous 7, 30 or 90 days depending on which dropdown option selected. These data point to the widgets will be noted as a percentage, comparing the last 7, 30 or 90 days with the previous 7, 30 or 90 days.

The following widgets are displayed with the result of data gathered over the Last 7 days. The view of some widgets can vary based on the access rights starting from MSP Owner (view of organizations managed), Organization Manager (view of locations managed) and Location Manager (view of access points).

  • Connected Users: this is a line chart reporting how many end-users successfully authenticated through the Splash Page and how many of them are connected once (New User)/multiple times (returning user).
  • New Users: the number of end-users who register on the service.
  • User Loyalty: the percentage of end-users who logged in more than once.
  • Busiest Day of the Week: identifies the busiest day of the week based on the number of connections.
  • Busiest Time of the Day: identifies the busiest time of the day based on the number of connections.
  • Max Online Users: the maximum number of simultaneous Internet connections in a particular Organization account (for MSP Owners) or Location (for Organization Managers).
  • Users Online Now: identifies the number of users that are currently active
  • Average Time Online: The average time users were online.
  • Sign-up: The percentage of registered end-users organized by their account type (e.g. based on username/password, Click-through, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Demographics: Age and gender distribution:
    • <20
    • 21-35
    • 36-40
    • 41-50
    • >50
  • Devices: This chart indicates the distribution of end-user device type (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows etc).
  • Connection Map: general user clusters when connected.
  • Overview: Depending on your user access, this section will display a different chart
  • MSP Owner: summary of the total number of organizations, locations, access points, and beacons.
  • Organization Manager: summary of the total number of locations, access points, and beacons.
    • Location Manager: summary of the total number of access points.
  • Top Organizations/Locations/Access Points: based on system user access the chart will provide a summary of top organizations (for MSP Owner) based on the usage in the specific MSP account. When viewed as Organization Manager, it provides an overview of top locations based on usage in the specific organization account. When viewed from location this would provide information of top access points based on the number of connection.
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