Heatmap dashboards (Location Analytics)


Heatmap dashboards allow you to localize the presence of MAC clients on a floorplan that has been previously defined in a location.

In order to produce such data, you must set up and use supported devices. Hardware manufacturers currently supported are:

  • Aerohive Networks – configuration guide
  • Cisco Meraki (MR series) – configuration guide
  • Cisco WLC (controller mode) – configuration guide
  • Ruckus Wireless (SCG, vSCG, SZ, vSZ Series) – contact us for more details
  • Ruckus Wireless (Zone Director Series) – contact us for more details
  • Zebra Technologies (VX, NX, RFS Controller mode) – contact us for more details

Admin Panel

You can access Heatmap by clicking on Analytics in the toolbar on the left and then selecting Heatmap in the second level toolbar.


Search filters

All the data displayed will be chosen according to the criteria selected in the search filters. By using the drop-down menus, can filter your results by:

  • Period
  • Location
  • Building
  • Floor


By clicking the appropriate buttons, you can display data according to following rules:

  • Timeline: data is displayed for a single day and you can select by using the search filter. By moving the cursor, you can view data for intervals of 15 minutes.
  • Daily: data is displayed for a week. By moving the cursor, you can view data for a single day of the week.
  • Weekly: data is displayed for a month. By moving the cursor, you can view data for a single week of the month.

By clicking the Play button, the cursor will automatically start moving through the timeline. To stop it, just click on Stop.


According to the search filter, the timeline component allows you to navigate through the day’s data. You can monitor it by:

  • clicking the Play button and see the evolution during the day
  • clicking the button on the timeline
  • dragging the cursor to a specific time

The activity displayed for a specific time shows what has happened from the previous interval time to the selected time.

Reports / Overlay

Below the timeline, on the left sidebar, the drop-down menu allows you to choose between

  • Reports
  • Overlay

In the Reports section, you can see the following data according to search filter and timeline data:

  • the number of Wi-Fi devices detected
  • the number of males and females
  • the age range

Please note:

Gender and age information is available if:

  1. Volare is able to associate a MAC address to an existing customer
  2. If the existing customer has "Gender" and "Age" information in the People section

In the Overlay section, you are able to further filter the data displayed by Heatmap and Footfall, according to the following criteria:

  • Gender (you can select "Male", "Female" and "Unknown")
  • Age range (you can select "13-17", "18-24", "25-34", "35-44", "45-54", "55-64", "65+")

Heatmap / Footfall

On the right sidebar, it is possible to choose between:

  • Heatmap: by selecting this mode you can display how many devices were detected in a specific area. The color range starts from blue (fewer devices) to red (more devices). When clicking Play in the timeline, you will see hot zones changing during the time.

  • Footfall: see every single device located in a certain area, displayed as points. When clicking Playlocation_analytics3.png on the timeline, you can see how devices move around your floor.

Dashboard based on georeferenced maps

If your location has only one floor, then it is possible to skip all the configuration steps on the "Location" section on the Admin Panel and use an already existing georeferenced map.
This will make things simpler for you, as you no longer will need to prepare, upload and calibrate a floor map.

This feature can be enabled upon request by opening a ticket in our Support Center, and it is available by using the following hardware manufacturers:

  • Aerohive Networks
  • Cisco Meraki (MR series)
  • Cisco WLC (controller mode)
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