If the "Beacon" application is installed in the Marketplace, then you can find the Beacons section by clicking on Manage on the left toolbar and then clicking Beacons on the second level toolbar.
This feature allows you to manage (add, view, edit) and configure your beacon that may be used by the "Triggered Campaigns" application, in order to deliver marketing campaigns to end-users.


How to use

Once in this section, you can filter results by beacon name by clicking the Search button.

By clicking the Add button, you can add a new beacon. To do this, the following parameters are required:
  • Venue: name of the venue
  • Beacon name: name of the beacon
  • Tags: key words associated with the beacon
  • Local-aware Marketing UUID, Major ID, Minor ID: data that uniquely identifies the beacon
  • Building: existing building created in the Floor plan section of a venue, associated with the beacon 
  • Floor: existing floor created in the Floor plan section of a venue, associated with the beacon

You can learn more about the Floor plan section by reading the following article: Adding and managing floors.

On the right side of the page, you can locate your beacon on a map, according to the Building and Floor that you selected.

Clicking on an existing beacon will give you information on that particular one:

  • Beacon: displays all the details specified at configuration time
  • Activity: displays a dashboard and a line chart reporting the number of times the beacon communicated with other clients, in total and during the last hour.

In the top right corner, you can Enable, Edit or Disable the beacon. For existing Beacons, you can edit the name, tags, building, floor and map position - everything but the Local-aware Marketing UUIDMajor ID and Minor ID.

Please note: existing Beacons cannot be deleted.

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