How to add an access point


An Organization Manager may need to add a new access point to an existing location.
This is possible by clicking Manage > Locations in the left menu toolbar and selecting a location by clicking its name.

Then click the Access Points tab and on the Add button.

Enter all required the information and click on the Save button.

Please to keep in mind that adding a new access point requires a set of information such as:

  • Name: a unique name.
    Description: an optional short description, useful for displaying purposes.
  • Router type: through this field it is possible to select the type of the device or, if used, one of supported firmware.
  • MAC address: the MAC address.
  • Identifier: the identifier used by the platform to identify the access point, which the access requests performed by end-users comes from. For some device types this information is not required.
  • Country, City, Address: geolocation data
When you have entered all the information, please click on the Save button.

At the end of the process, your access point will be listed.

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