This guide shows how to configure a Deliberant access point for Volare.

Please note that the images contained in this article may contain outdated configuration data. Therefore, please check the data contained in the article "Parameters for the Solution" at the bottom of the page, as they are certainly up to date.


This article applies to the following models:

  • APC series
  • APC button

It is recommended to update your device firmware to the last available version.
This guide applies to the Solution only for the version 5.0.2 or later. Previous releases DO NOT support this device.

In order to correctly integrate a Deliberant access point with the Solution, it is necessary that:

  • Connect the device to the Internet
  • WAN and LAN interfaces are correctly configured

Setting up the "router" mode

In order to configure the device, it is necessary to access the web interface by using administrator login details, then accessing the Configuration > Network and then to set the Network mode option to Router.

Setting up wireless options

After that, it is possible to set wireless options by accessing the Configuration > Wireless section.

As shown below, it is necessary to change settings for the Security part of the page.
The Security value must be set to UAM; RADIUS WEB page type must be set to External.

It is required to correctly set also the following values:

  • NAS ID
  • RADIUS server 1
  • RADIUS server 2
  • RADIUS secret
  • RADIUS Auth port: 1812
  • RADIUS Acct port: 1813
  • UAM login page
  • UAM secret

The NAS ID value can be any alphanumeric string, but it is required to be unique for all the access points in your network.

The UAM secret value must be equal to the NAS ID specified.

The Identifier required in the Admin Panel must be equal to the NAS ID value of the device. Otherwise, the access point will not be correctly integrated with the Solution.

The other values must be set as specified in the paragraph below, called Parameters for the platform. Please note that the UAM login page value must end with the ?vendor=deliberant suffix.


Walled garden

On the bottom of the Configuration > Wireless section, where you configured wireless options, there is the White list section, where you can configure the walled garden.

Here you can specify the sites that end-users are able to visit without any need to perform an authentication.

It is mandatory to add the following entry into this list, necessary to redirect end-users to the Splash Page.


In order to configure the walled garden for other purposes, please check the following articles:


Entering the device details into the Admin Panel

To integrate the access point with the Solution, you must enter its details into the Admin Panel.

To have further information on how to do that, please see How to add an access point. Secondly, in the Admin Panel, a field called Identifier will be required by the web interface.
As mentioned, this value must be equal to the NAS ID value of the device and must be unique in all the network. Otherwise, the access point will be not correctly integrated with the Solution.

Allowing free access to the CDN

As explained in the article Enabling the CDN, you must add some IP addresses to the walled garden in order to support the access to the CDN.
The domains to add for this purpose are:


Setting QoS parameters

Deliberant access points support the advanced features of Volare like setting QoS parameters for bandwidth limiting. These parameters are defined in the Admin Panel while creating Internet plans.

Parameters for the Solution

The parameters indicated above for the Configuration > Wireless section are mandatory for the proper functioning. The necessary parameters to integrate the device with the Solution are the following:

RADIUS server 1:
RADIUS server 2:
RADIUS secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
RADIUS Auth port: 1812
RADIUS Acct port: 1813
UAM login page:
UAM secret: (must be equal to the NAS ID value)

Please note that it is necessary to enter the Splash Page URL exactly as it is written above.
If you enter the Splash Page URL in different formats (e.g., then the redirection will fail and the end-user will not be able to see the Splash Page.

If these parameters change in the future, we will promptly inform you about new values.

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