EnGenius (Captive Portal ready)



This guide shows how to configure an EnGenius access point for Volare.


In order to correctly integrate an EnGenius access point, it is necessary that:

  • The device is connected to the Internet
  • WAN and LAN interfaces are correctly configured
  • You have the package labeled "Captive Portal Ready", pre-configured for Volare or Cloud4Wi.

Configuring the device

The device is the package labeled "Captive Portal Ready" is already configured for the usage in Volare or Cloud4Wi and no additional steps are required.
The only manual step to perform, if needed, is configuring the walled garden, that is the list of websites that can be visited by end-users in pre-authentication mode.

Walled garden

The walled garden is the list of websites that can be visited by end-users in pre-authentication mode. You should include websites dealing with the purpose of your Location, or related to particular Volare features that you wish to use (for example Social Login or online payments).
In order to configure the walled garden, it is necessary to enter the System > Hotspot Configuration page and then insert a whitespace-separated list of domains enclosed by quotation mark characters (" ") in the row where "HS_UAMALLOW" and "HS_UAMDOMAINS" attributes are.
Then you have to click Submit and reboot the device in menu System > Reboot.

Please consider also the following articles:

Entering the device details into the Admin Panel

In order to integrate the controller with the Solution, it is necessary to enter its details into the Admin Panel.
To get further information on how to do that, please see How to add an access point: it is necessary to select "EnGenius" as the Hardware manufacturer and enter the MAC address of your device.

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